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Here are just a few examples of what our customers have to say about their experiences with PondsRx…



 I wanted to let you know that 2007 has been the best year for our lakes and ponds.  It has been great to work with a professional company like Ponds RX.
The things that made such a difference this year was not only the applications every other week but  all the other methods we incorporated with the introduction of the Grass carp, Aeration and installing the boat ramps in the walled ponds.  Having 21 lakes and ponds on the same site makes this a challenge for anyone and you have really stepped up and given us exactly what we have been striving for.
Having a contractor on site that can keep me informed of problems and looking to the future to let me know what I need to do to keep our site looking its best is essential.
We are looking forward to a great 2008.

Todd R
Operations Manager

Hey Mark,
Just wanted to thank you-my pond looked great this year.  It was truly
an amazing transformation.
The water was so clear that you could see the bottom at about 5 feet deep.  While it did make
me change my fishing methods, (I had to go deeper) I caught some really nice bass that I have
never seen before.
Furthermore, we caught a fish that we had NO IDEA was in the pond.  It was a 12 pound 6 oz.
catfish that looked like a SHARK.  Keep in mind that my pond is rather small.
I used only 1/2 of a Sonar A.S. pint and it took care of the enire pond
including all of the cattails that were touching the water.
I used Aqua Pro to kill the cattails and weeds that were around the
water.  They worked great.  My pond has never looked better and
the fishing was much more interesting this year.  Like I said, I had
to change my fishing methods to concentrate on the deeper parts
of the pond, but the adjustment was easy to figure out because of
the clearness of the water.  The top water baits worked much better
because the bass were no longer hiding in the annoying weeds that
used to cover the pond.
I sent you the pic of my brother's 12 lb. 6 oz. catfish.  Earlier this
year, I caught a 4.5 pound bass off of a hula popper.  That was the
biggest bass ever caught in the pond. 

October, 2007

To whom it may concern:

Ponds Rx has been treating our lake for the last 2 calendar years. Prior to contracting them, we had struggled with several other treatment companies who always had trouble controlling the algae on a bi-monthly treatment schedule.

Many different formulas for application were tried by as many as 3 different companies. Satisfaction was intermittent, as algae seemed to proliferate after about 8 days. We, as an association, bid this work every 2 years and when we received a bid from Ponds Rx, I personally checked their references and found other associations to be quite happy with their service. Even though they were not low bidder, we contracted them for 2006.

Mark was always very prompt and on-schedule. He found a formula which provided us clear algae-free water and with the addition of pond dye, kept Manor Lake relatively algae-free. Most association members have remarked that this year 2007, the lake looked better than it ever has. We have contracted Mark back for 2008 without our usual bid process.

I think you will find Mark and Ponds Rx to be very professional and effective. I would not hesitate to employ him as your treatment provider. I know he will give you his very best effort. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding his treatment methods.

Carl T

Hi Mark,
I just wanted to thank you for your product and advice on treating our farm pond.  It was the worst we have ever seen it in 30 years.  The Reward worked wonderful and the pond looks really good now.  I am so glad I'm found your web site and thank you for advising us what to do.  We are going to keep the blue stuff in it now and will be
 looking to get an aerator, etc.
 Thank you again.
 Nancy L.

Mark, I was on our farms this week and wanted to report to you that the Sonar appears to have pretty much gotten rid of the coon tail.  For the first time since the treatment began, I could see the bottom (the pond is unusually clear for Kansas) I was impressed.  As I recall, I believe I started in late May so it has indeed been a slow process as you said it would be.  I'll try and remember to send you some pictures.   You probably won't recall, but it is a 9 acre pond.  I treated it with one gallon of Sonar per your instructions.  I would say there was coontail present in 80% of the area.  The deepest locations are around 10 to 12 foot.  I have mentioned Ponds Rx to various people and feel fortunate I found you.

Thanks, D. Reese


Thanks for bringing back out two beautiful ponds.  Dalene in California.


 The Sonar I got from you guys a couple of months ago has done a wonderful job. I re-stocked my pond last week. Thanks, Juan


Mark--Your product worked extraordinarily well. I would have taken a before and after picture, but my wife kept telling me “this can't possibly work”--then “It's really not doing much” then”” S. Brinkley



Just wanted to let you know that we got the aeration system up and running.  The station came in on Thursday and my installer and 2 others got it operational on Friday evening.  I ran it for 2 hours today and will run it for 4 tomorrow.  It works great.  I am so glad I found your web site.  You certainly know about what is needed.  If you are ever in our area, do not hesitate to drop by.  Thank you for helping us with our problems.  If I ever need you again, I will not hesitate to let you know.  Have a wonderful rest of summer.  S. Wileman


 Thank you!  The pond is clean.  You're product and the personal service made the difference.  I am a loyal customer.  Talk to you again next spring.   

G. Jetter

Ponds Rx expertly evaluated all of my pond's specific issues, and then prescribed a detailed treatment that was “just what the Doctor ordered”. I highly recommend them for any aquatic weed problem.

I. Horn


 Hey Mark, got your email. And I’m very happy. The sonar has worked better than I thought. My pond looks like the before and after winner. Really, its amazing...Worth every penny. It’s added. $50,000-100,000 to the value of my house....I have about 5ft on duckweed in shallow water that the carp are trying to eat. I don’t think they are happy. Nice job. Thanks so much J.
Cooke... PS. That chemical will work for anybody.


I wanted to provide a reference for Ponds Rx.  Mark has provided servicing of our three neighborhood ponds for 2006 and we have seen remarkable improvements in water quality, actual reduction and removal of algae and weeds, and aesthetic appearance.  Mark follows up his scheduled visits with documented reports which have been so helpful so I can give timely updates to our HOA board.  Mark provided excellent service and follow up until any continued pond problems have been resolved.  I totally appreciate his excellent communication and professionalism.  Thank you very much. We are very satisfied with Ponds Rx.  K. Hess

After duckweed finally covered our entire beautiful pond we decided it was time for help. After an unsuccessful search locally we found the PondsRx website. Communicating mainly via email and digital photos, PondsRx diagnosed our problem, prescribed their product, (Sonar) and kept in touch with our progress! We are happy to say that within 6 weeks of our first Sonar treatment, our pond is clear again! Hats off to Sonar and the expertise of the crew at Ponds Rx."    

B Lloyd

"Here are some pictures taken today, 9/18/05, of my pond. I sent you pictures on 6/25/05 of my pond shortly after treated with Sonar. My pond is completely free of this plant, while other ponds in the area are solid green with watermeal. Sonar is the only product I have seen that will eliminate watermeal."
M. Campbell

"I wanted to thank you for your help with correcting the problems we were having with our pond.
Our pond is a feature at St. Barnabas Communities and is enjoyed by many of our residents each day. The product you recommended fixed our problem in just three weeks.  I'll be happy to recommend your services in the future. Thanks again for your help."  
M. Antonelli

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