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Ponds Rx provides a full service portfolio-from pond and lake services to custom aeration systems to consulting. What makes Ponds Rx Different than any other Aquatics Company? 
 1. We feel like we have an edge over our competition. We have been in the Aquatics industry since 1989, serving all over the Midwest and 12 years in the State of Florida-the birthplace of our trade. 
 2. We provide a Service Report after each visit, letting you know what we've seen and treated on each lake or pond. Communication is extremely important to us. 
 3. Our Water Management Agreements are all inclusive of both aquatic weeds and algae. We do not “nickel and dime” you for additional services. We feel this is important in order to be proactive and not reactive to problems. 
 4. We are GREEN: A. Whenever possible, we use biological tools to help the balance in your pond or lake. We use aeration systems that provide oxygen to your water. This process helps reduce muck, keeps fish healthy, and keeps water from becoming stagnant. B. We stock weed-eating fish to help reduce the amount of chemicals being used. This biological tool can be very helpful in most situations that involve heavy weed growth. 
 5. We've reduced the price of pond dye applications while most others charge at least 50% more for the same treatment. 
 6. We have an "A" rating on Angie's List...always looking for more testimonials! 
 7. We have a very close relationship with all of the Major manufactures of our products. This ensures you that if there were a problem with an application you will have the backing and support of the company making the product. 
 8. Because of our relationship with these manufactures and the trust we have with them, we work with them to provide better and safer products. We have done several trials with them in recent years to lower chemical concentrations in the water but have more effective results. 
 9. And last, but not least, I personally provide all aspects of your treatments and communication. As being the owner and operator, you can be assured of getting the very best in service and care! Thank you for considering Ponds Rx for all of your pond/lake care needs!
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