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SeClear 1 Gallon

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SeClear is the first aquatic algaecide and water quality enhancer in one designed to replace routine algaecide treatments. SeClear provides effective control of a broad-range of algae species while reducing in-water phosphorus levels with each application

With SeClear the result is longer lasting control, improved water quality and aesthetics with reduced maintenance through time. Water treated with SeClear may be used for drinking, swimming, fishing, watering livestock and for irrigated crops, turf, fairways, putting greens and ornamental plants immediately following treatment.

How SeClear Works

The mode of action for SeClear is uptake through the algal cells where the copper ion inhibits photosynthesis providing a fast-acting result. SeClear liquid algaecide is the newest technology to also remove phosphorus from the water column and increase water clarity while controlling the algae.

Algae is an aquatic plant that can grow anywhere moisture, light and nutrients combine to support growth. You certainly can't control how wet your pond is; and there's not much you can do about how much sunlight hits the water. You can, however, avoid fertilizing near the pond or anywhere rainwater runoff may enter the water.

How To Apply SeClear

SeClear can be applied before algae is present at a rate of 1 to 2 gallons per 1 acre foot of water every 30 days as a preventative approach. SeClear can also be applied if algae is present at a rate of 3 to 5 gallons per 1 acre foot of water, spraying no more then 1/3 of your total surface of the pond. Treating all algae across the entire surface area at one time can cause oxygen depletion and result in harm to your fish. For severe algae infestations, limit treatment to 1/3 of the water surface when the water temperature is between 65°F and 85°F. The remaining two 1/3 fractions of the body of water should be treated at 7 day intervals.

SeClear is most effective when it is applied in bright, early morning sunlight under calm conditions when water temperature is at least 60°F. Apply at the first sign of an algae bloom, if possible. Algae control will occur in 3 to 7 days following application. Larger mats should be broken apart before treatment with high-pressure water or a flat tool. Retreat when regrowth appears.

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