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Phoslock is a lanthanum-modified clay which rapidly binds to free reactive phosphorus (FRP) permanently removing it from the water column. As Phoslock settles at the sediment-water interface the lanthanum also binds to the FRP released from the sediment. Phoslock is an environmentally compatible and effective over a wide range of water chemistries in ponds, lakes and reservoirs. In order to determine exact dosage rates, it is best to consult with Ponds Rx to review various options of testing to determine the exact dosage needed. A recovery approach can be implemented by applying 1-2 bags per acre foot of water (may need to be repeated if high levels of phosphorus present). Phoslock is not an algaecide. If algae are present it is beneficial to do an algaecide application to get the algae under control prior to the Phoslock application. Phoslock should be mixed with water and applied as a slurry evenly over the surface of the pond.

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