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Komeen Crystal

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Is a 17.5% granular chelated copper herbicide (8% metallic copper equivalent). This high-load formulation allows efficient use rates, improved spatial targeting and deep water performance. Komeen Crystal provides improved delivery to targeted submersed weeds such as hydrilla, vallisneria and charophytes achieving better exposure resulting in improved results and reduced recovery. Typical use rates are 20-60 pounds per acre in waters with 4 foot depth. Waters treated with Komeen Crystal may be used for drinking, swimming, fishing watering livestock and for irrigating crops, turf, fairways, putting greens and ornamental plants immediately following treatment.

Excellent on killing starry stonewort and chara algae species.Read and follow all local, state and federal regulations pertaining to the use and application of this product before ordering. 

Can be used to spot treat hydrilla, pondweeds, naiads and Eurasian water milfoil.

20 lb Bag

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