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CHEMetrics Oxygen Kit-Click for more info

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We all know that oxygen levels are a crucial component to a pond or lake’s overall health. Fish and other aquatic organisms depend on high dissolved oxygen levels to thrive. We are thrilled to be able to offer this quick and easy to use Oxygen test kit.
Simply fill the sample cup, snap the tip on the side of the cup-the ampoule will fill itself- leaving a bubble at the top. Invert the ampoule several times and then compare the blue color of the ampoule to the color standards. The matched color will determine your oxygen level (Between 1-12 ppm). Just that simple! Process takes 2 minutes.
Kit comes complete with 30 self filling ampoules, a sample cup, color comparators, instructions and a plastic carrying case holding the kit. This is same product we have used in our daily maintenance programs since 1989.
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