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Bacti-Klear Liquid

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1-Gallon jug-The bacterial blend in Bacti-Klear will provide exceptional organic waste breakdown in both aerobic environments. Organic muck reduction begins within hours, and is variably dependent on aeration, mixing, water depth, temperature and pH. Application rates for the Bacti-Klear pellets range from 12-24 pounds per surface acre. Bacti-Klear liquid rates range from 1.5-3 gallons per acre foot of water. In both cases the higher rate is an initial dosage and lower rate is the maintenance rate to be applied every 30-60 days.

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Bacti-Klear Pellets
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Bacti-Klear Pellets
Backti-Klear is comprised of several strains of beneficial bacteria selected for their combined synergistic value and each strains enzymatic activity on leaves and decaying aquatic plants and algae, as well as other organic materials commonly occuring in
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