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Ponds Rx is proud to offer the Vertex Water Feature's diffused aeration systems. We believe these are the best units available on the market today!

Why should you choose aeration?
Your pond has:
Fish kills
Unsightly algae
Poor water clarity
Swarming Insects
Foul odors
Muck accumulation

Caused by:
Low oxygen levels
High nutrient levels
Temperature/oxygen stratification
Stagnant water/poor circulation
Hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide gases
Low levels of beneficial bacteria

Healthy ponds and lakes have the proper balance of oxygen and nutrients to sustain plants, fish and other living organisms. There are two sources for oxygen in the water; as a byproduct of photosynthesis, or from currents or wind pushing oxygen through the surface. Oxygen depletion occurs because oxygen is used even when there is insufficient natural water current, wind or sunlight occurring:
Above the water - at night, during overcast days, trees, ice, snow or other cover.
In the water - from over abundance of algae or aquatic weeds at the surface caused by thermal stratification, warm water at the surface, cool water at the bottom.

No matter what the cause of low oxygen in your pond, adding diffused oxygen to the water column is the permanent solution to increased water circulation, preventing stagnant-thermally stratified water,  and reduced muck; creating a healthy, balanced pond ecosystem.

An aerator is a big investment-if you are not sure of the size of your pond, or what system will work best for you we can help. Vertex uses satellite technology to measure ponds so that you get the right product for the size, shape, slope and depth of your pond. Don't guess which Vertex aerator is right for your pond or lake, learn how we go about calculating the correct system.
Give us a call-877-557-6637.

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Custom Designed system for your pond or lake!
Your Price: Call for pricing
Custom Designed system for your pond or lake!
We can custom design any size pond or lake for the most efficient Vertex aeration system. Call for details.
Aeration Installation
Your Price: Call for pricing.
Aeration Installation
Aeration Installation
Floating fountains!
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Floating fountains!
We have a full line of floating fountains available. We can provide a fountain proposal for your lake or pond upon request.
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