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Lakes Rx was developed for pond and lakefront owners who are searching for the right answers to all of their aquatic control questions.  Since 1989, we have been passionately serving others to protect their valuable aquatic assets. 
We offer products for aquatic management services for pond/lake weeds and algae control, aeration, muck removal, and other aquatic-related challenges. 

Lakes Rx has the knowledge, experience, and products to help with ALL of your water resource needs!  All products come with  full labeling  and directions for use.
If you can't find it here, give us a call...we will find it for you!  


Fluridone-Sonar RTU Quart
List Price: $136.00
Your Price: $95.00
You Save: $41.00
Fluridone-Sonar RTU Quart
**Guaranteed Weed Control!** Sonar Ready To Use- Aquatic Herbicide. 1 quart squeeze bottle of aquatic herbicide with a child-resistant cap with nozzle.
Fluirdone-Sonar AS Gallon
List Price: $2,399.00
Your Price: $1,979.22
You Save: $419.78
Fluirdone-Sonar AS Gallon
Treat up to 4 acres of watermeal, and much more with other more susceptable weeds. An aquatic herbicide effective against a variety of aquatic plants; submersed, emergent, and floating (including duckweed and watermeal). Excellent whole lake product!
Fluridone-Sonar Genesis
List Price: $409.00
Your Price: $354.00
You Save: $55.00
Fluridone-Sonar Genesis
Sonar Genesis is the newest formulation of the time tested brand of the Sonar aquatic herbicide. Faster acting, longer lasting, easier clean-up! We are one of the only places you will find this amazing product. 1 gallon

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